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Dear Teacher:

I am just writing to say thank you.thank you for teaching us things we need to learn, thank you for being there for us when we have any problems, thanks for your devotion and willingness to help us, thank you for the love you've shown to us.

I am lucky to have a teacher like you. and no matter what kind of person i will become, you will always have your influence on me. You taught me how to study, how to live and even how to be a man. From you I learned what kind of person i want to be and what should i get from life. this means everything to me.

My dear teacher, no matter what you will always have a special place in my heart and i will remember what i have learned from you and carry the knowleges through my life!






⑵ 写给老师的英语手写作文

1. 七年级写给敏肆悄老师雹碧的一篇英桥渣语作文简单

Dear Mr zhang,

Thank you so much for teaching me so well. You are very kind to me. During the last three years I have learnt a lot of knowledge from you. I'll never fet you. I'll keep on studying hard as usual in the senior middle school.

Wish you success in the future teaching work. Wish you a healthy body for ever. And wish you a happy life in the future.I also hope that everything will go well in our school! Best wishes for you and for our school!

Your student,


2. 描写老师的英语作文

As a teacher,she or he should have a good knowledge of the subject that will be taught to the students.As an old saying goes: a teacher should have a barrel of water if he wants to give his students a drop of water. And some people also say that the teacher is just like a library where any student will choose a book at any time and the teachers should always be ready for it .But in the meantime I think the teachers' working attitude and the concern to the students should also be equally important .Because the teachers will be active in their teaching only if he likes his work and the students .What's more ,if the teachers can show the concern to the students ,they will be encouraged to study hard, which will have a good effect on the students' study.So not only should the teachers have a good knowledge but also they should have an active working attitude and the concern to the students.。

3. 高中英语作文《写给老师的信》

Dear teacher

Now the high school English feeling more and more difficult than that of the secondary schools more difficult, do not go in a little school, but I know that English is important, I will make good use of the school, teachers would also like to be able to impart a better learning methods, such as English will be able to make progress there is a greater interest in ecation teachers and thanked the ex Thank you!

Students of a certain



现在学高中的 英语感觉越来越吃力,觉得比中学的难多了,有点学不进去,但是我知道英语很重要,我还是会好好学的,还希望老师能够传授更好的学习方法,如能取得进步将对英语有更大的兴趣并感谢老师的教育之恩,谢谢!

4. 一篇给老师的信的英语作文



dear teacherI grew up in the road six years, given me the most was that the evening with the teachers is that they have a unique form of ecation that I am an innocent young girl training to bee one of the reasons that the students. Teacher's Day in this particular festival, although I am not the poet, but the most sincere hearts of poetry dedicated to the teachers Although I am not singers, but the hearts of the most beautiful songs dedicated teachers Although I am not the artist, but the hearts of the most beautiful paintings dedicated teachers…… Ordinary Heroes, forming a word, I thank you your student。

5. 求一篇描写老师的英语作文

Our English Teacher

Miss Smith, from England, is 25 years old, She is our English teacher, she often wears a white dress, just like an angel. She is beautiful and she is very kind to us. She has a magic to make the class very interesting, so we all like taking English class.

Miss Smith is not only our teacher but also our friend. Whenever we are in trouble she always helps us patiently. She tells us to draw a clear distinction beeen right and wrong, and she plays games with us as well. We all love her so much.

6. 感谢老师的英语作文

Teacher I thank you very much. Instriousness thanking to me pays. That my academic record has not stabilized till now , you always persist in taking lessons in after school homework for me, has made my achievement have very big rise, and uses the good learning method that I grasp! Church how I go to study. You care for me also very much in my in daily life , have let me experience the kindness as the mother. My at last has wanted to criticize one teacher , you have worked hard for! I love you forever! 老师我非常感谢你。



7. 小学英语作文 写给英语老师的信

是信吧!```很短也可以吧```累死了~~``` Dear , Teacher I've decided to write you a *** all note, thanking you for your help. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work, it's meant so much to me. Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!。

8. 提供一篇写英语老师的文章(英语)


My English teacher's name is Miss Tang. She is a girl. She is 23 years old. She has long yellow hair and big eyes. There is a pair of glasses on her nose. She likes reading English. She reads English well. The children like her very much. And we like her voice, too. Her lesson is very interesting. We can play games, act and sing English songs in her lessons.

She can't drive a car, but she can ride a bike .She goes to work by bike .Her house is not far from the school.

She likes fruit, because the fruit is good for her baby and her .She likes her students,but she only likes good students so Miss Tan likes me very much.

I like my English teacher ——Miss Tan very much!

9. 写给老师的一封感谢信英语作文带翻译

Dear teacher ,

I am writing to you to express my thanks for your help in learning English and speaking English.

During these days in your class, I have learned much from you and it is very helpful to me. Firstly, you let me know what is the west thinking pattern—straight thinking pattern. And, I think, it is very important to understand the west's thoughts. As you know, this can help me with my examination and interaction with foreigners. Secondly, I have got enough confidence in speaking in English from your class and it took me a long time to gain this confidence. Now, I always express my ideas in English as possible as I can. It's great to do that. The last not the least, I find that learning English is not an boring thing as before and I'm interested in studying English which was just a necessary task to pass examinations. Reading, listening or speaking all bee interesting and I really enjoy it.

Above all, I want to say thanks again to you. And thank you for your time.


亲爱的老师, 我写信给你是为了表达我对你学习英语和说英语的帮助。 在你们班的这些日子里,我从你们那里学到了很多东西,这对我很有帮助。首先,你让我知道什么是西方思维模式的思维模式。我认为,理解西方的思想是非常重要的。如你所知,这有助于我的考试和与外国人的交流。其次,我有足够的信心在课堂上用英语发言,我花了很长时间才获得这种自信。现在,我总是表达我的想法。






⑶ 鑷存垜鐨勮嫳璇鑰佸笀 (鑻辨枃鐗)浣滄枃

Dear (your English teacher's name),
Thank you for all of the things that you have taught us this semester.
I will continue improving my writing skills after this semester. First of all, I will study more grammar and vocabulary; at the same time, I will also read a lot of books and practice my writing. I think that my writing ability has improved a lot in just the four months of this semester. I didn't even know how to use punctuation before attending this class. However, I find that summarizing an article or what I want to say is the most dificult to me. I think that continuing to practice is the only way to overcome this. On the other hand, I like using a variety of conjunctions which I have learned in this semester. I really appreciate that you gave me some papers about punctuation when I didn't know how to use it. I think I am very lucky to meet such a dedicated teacher.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

⑷ 给高中老师的英文信

歼仔同学们用耐差英文 写信给老师,但是不知道该如何写,下面我整理了给高中老师的英文信,供你参考。
Dear Mr/Mrs XXX,

How are you now?

I have been missing you since I graated from the senior school. I'm studying in XXX university now. My college life is wonderful and I like my major.You give me a lot of help when I was in senior school and I feel so lucky for having ever being your student.I never tell you before,but in my heart, you are my best teacher and a good friend forever.I still remember your jokes and your kind smile.You always encourage us to learn more and never give up.Sometimes you get angery because we always make the same mistakes. You can't help saying some humiliating words when we make some stupid mistakes.I hate you for that before, but now I know love well, whip well.You love us all, you love everyone.You never tell, but we know you hope all of us will be successful and we will never disapponit you.

There are some questions occur in my mind when I think about you. How's everything going now? Are you in good health?Are you still busy from dawn to st? Are there some naughty boys in your class? Are you happy everyday?

I know you must be busy, but I still hope you can write me back soon and tell me your life.I'm looking forward to receiving your letter.


Dear XX,

How's the things going along with you? I miss you verey much! Since I have been in senior high school. English learning is much harder than that in junior high school in my mind. So in the very beginning, I always couldn't understand my English teacher in the class. However, I worked hard. In the morning, I got up early to recite words, listen English, and do practises. With the help of my teachers and my classmates, I have made much progress.

Your XX
Dear Miss Zhu,

How time flies! It has been a few years since I left high school, but I still remember you in my heart, because you’re the best teacher in my mind. It’s not only because you taught me knowledge, but also you taught me how to study. I have really benefitted a lot from you. So I would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my life in college with you.

Now I’m studying in Hunan First Normal College, which is Chairman Mao’s former school. I major in English, because I find it so fun and interesting. As far as I’m concerned, our English Department is the best department in our college. The teachers in our department are knowledgeable, experienced, and warm-hearted. And my classmates are nice, friendly and helpful. Thus, I have a good atmosphere to study. When I have difficulties in study, I always ask my teachers for help or discuss with my classmates. Through their help, I have made great progress in my English study.

College life is much different from high school life. In college, we should acquire knowledge as well as improve our integrated abilities. There are a lot of English classes for us to learn, such as Basic English, Oral English, Listening, Reading, Writing, Translation, Grammar, English Literature, and so on. I enjoy these classes very much. Except English, we have many other subjects to learn. Life seems so busy here but it’s so fruitful for me.

After class, I usually go to the English Corner. There I can practice my oral English by talking with foreigners or chatting with my schoolmates. Now, I’m able to communicate with foreigners well. Sometimes I also take part in some social activities. For instance, last weekend I attended an interesting play. As it was my first performance, I felt a little nervous at the beginning. But when I appeared on the stage, I made every audience laugh happily. I was so proud of myself at that moment, because this was my first achievement.

What about your present life? I hope to hear from you soon.

At last, I hope everything goes well with you. Please give my best regards to your family.

Sincerely yours,


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⑸ 用英文给英语老师写信(带有翻译)





Dear sir :
I am very glad that you are my teacher,You are one of the best teachers who I know .
there are many good points what we should learn from you,such as kindness,patience,humor and so on.
please forgive me that I had made so many mistakes which make you always angry.I really want to be a good student.
Thanks for you teaching ,I have learn so many interesting things ,so many words,so many sentencesform you,Ican feel that it is not only a progress of learning,but also a convarcation of feeling 。
You are my teacher and good friend, We are the lucky dogs that we have such teacher as you.finally,I hope you happy everyday!
best wishes
your student
dd mm yy




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   Dear Miss Zhu,
   How time flies! It has been a few years since I left high school, but I still remember you in my heart, because you’re the best teacher in my mind. It’s not only because you taught me knowledge, but also you taught me how to study. I have really benefitted a lot from you. So I would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my life in college with you.

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