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Ⅰ 她很紧张以至于忘了作自我介绍。英语翻译

He was so nervous that he forgot to introce himself.


Ⅱ 自我介绍,用英语怎么说。

自我介绍(给你三种说法 )


2.introce oneself to

3.make oneself known to



Allow me to introce myself: Jenny Heywood , an engineer from Cambe x . "请允许我自我介绍:詹妮海伍德,坎培克斯公司的一名工程师。

"Please let me introce myself: Donald Emory , director of the English department . "请让我自我介绍:大卫埃默里,英语系主任。

Let me introce myself; my name is Simpson.让我作自我介绍吧,我名叫辛普森。

Please let me introce myself: David Emory, director of the English Department.请让我自我介绍:大卫·埃默里,英语系主任。

He walked into the room, reintroced himself and pretended he didn't know how to wrap his Christmas gifts. I pretended to believe him and helped.他走进我的房间,重新做了自我介绍。并假装他不知道如何包装圣诞礼物,我也假装信了他的话并帮了他。

Let me introce myself.让我自我介绍一下

Allow me to introce myself: Jenny Heywood, an engineer from Cambex.请允许我自我介绍:詹妮·海伍德,坎培克斯公司的一名工程师。

May I myself: Donald Ervin .请允许我自我介绍:唐纳德欧文。

Do you mind if I introce myself? My name's Si Tu Wen.让我自我介绍好吗?我叫司徒文。

May I introce myself: Donald Ervin.




introce tov. 将某人介绍给另一个人

introce into引入,引进,列入

introce oneself自我介绍,介绍自己

introce before提出,提交,呈送

introce disease染病

introce the budget提出预算案

introce foreign capital引进外资,输入外资

introce new proct介绍新产品

introce a question【法】 开始讨论一个问题, 提出问题

introce from elsewherev.引进



  1. 把…介绍(给),引见,做(自我)介绍






re introcev. 重新介绍,重新引进

Ⅲ 自我介绍用英语怎么说


1、To introce myself:介绍我自己

2、My personal information:我的个人信息

3、My introction:我的简介

4、My personal life:我的个人生活

5、My self-introction:我的自我介绍

Ⅳ “自我介绍”这个词用英语怎么说

自我介绍的英语是: introction.

introction音标:英 [ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃn]、美 [ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən]






1、encourage introction 鼓励采用

2、make introction 作介绍

3、brief introction 简短的介绍

4、detailed introction 详细的介绍

5、formal introction 正式介绍



n. (名词)

1、introction, foreword, preface

introction意为“引言”,用得比较多,有时作为专著,或教科书的第一部分,它又可分为若干章节; foreword意为“前言”,多指一部作品的短序,内容不一定和作品有关; preface意为“序言”,可以由作者自序,也可由他人作序,内容不受限制,比foreword长。





Ⅳ 自我介绍的英文怎么说


2.introce oneself to
3.make oneself known to

Ⅵ 自我介绍的英文单词是什么

自我介绍 是向别人展示你自己的一个重要手段,自我介绍好不好,甚至直接关系到你给别人的第一印象。那么,你知道自我介绍的英文单词怎么说吗?现在跟我一起学习关于自我介绍的英语表达吧。


introce oneself to ; make oneself known to ; self-introction

网 络Introce Myself;About Me;self-introction;Introction


1. "Forgive my manners," she said calmly. "I neglected to introce myself." “请原谅我礼数不周,”她平静地说。“我忘了自我介绍了。”

2. At the next stop the man got off too and introced himself. 那个男人在下一站也下了车并作了自我介绍。

3. Susan introced herself to him and asked him how he was. 苏珊向他作了自我介绍,并询问他的近况。

4. "Hello, I don't think we've met," Robert introced himself. “你好,我想我们还没有见过吧,”罗伯特自我介绍道。

5. Emboldened by the wine, he went over to introce himself to her. 他借酒壮胆,走上前去向她作自我介绍。

6. She introced herself with studied casualness. 她故作轻松地做了自我介绍。

7. A young fop minced up to George and introced himself. 一个花花公子扭扭捏捏地走到乔治面前并作了自我介绍.

8. Allow me to introce myself. 请允许我自我介绍一下.

9. Let me introce myself to you. 让我向您做个自我介绍.

10. I had better ( ie I think I should ) begin by introcing myself. 我最好 ( 我想我应该 ) 先作一下自我介绍.

11. Let me introce myself; my name is Simpson. 让我作自我介绍吧, 我名叫辛普森.

12. Excuse me, hi, can you identify yourself for the camera, please? 您好, 能对着镜头自我介绍一下 吗 ?

13. Allow me to introce myself: My name is James Green. 请允许我自我介绍: 我名叫詹姆斯.格林.

14. Betty introced herself, stating that she recently came from the South. 贝蒂做了自我介绍, 说明自己刚从南方来.

15. Allow me to introce myself . My name is James Hart. 请允许我做一下自我介绍. 我叫占姆士·哈特.

16. May I introce myself ? My name is Wen Wen Lai. 我能做个自我介绍 吗 ?我叫赖雯雯.

17. Please let me introce myself : Donald Emory , director of the englishdepartment. 请让我自我介绍: 大卫埃默里, 英语系主任.

18. First , could you please give a brief introction of yourself? 您能简单的做一个自我介绍 吗 ?

19. I think the umpires are interested in hometowns in my self - introction. 我想裁判大概是被 自我 介绍中的家乡给吸引了吧.

20. Polish your presentations and deliver them enthusiastically to the rightmarket. 做好你的自我介绍,并切要瞄准适当的市场.


Everyone knows how to introce themselves, right? It's just like those name tags organizers pass out at networking events, "Hello, my name is…" Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers have a tough time getting beyond that very basic introction. Sure, they can chat about where they grew up or their favorite book or movie, but when it comes time to say something smart and relevant about their job search interests, it gets a little tricky.


Do you have a pitch about you, your skills, and accomplishments ready to use the next time someone asks what you're looking for? While conventional wisdom used to dictate you prepare a two-minute "elevator pitch," most elevator rides don't last two minutes, and most people's attention spans certainly don't.

下次 面试 的时候,你能对自己所掌握的技巧以及获得的成果对答如流么?一般情况下你都需要准备一个两分钟的简短介绍,但是大多根本持续不了两分钟,一个人的注意力时间也达不到那么久。

Instead of the two-minute pitch, you should think about how to share relevant information about yourself quickly and succinctly so your target audience doesn't have time to start mentally planning out their grocery shopping list while they're waiting for you to stop talking about yourself.


If you can't introce yourself to a potential contact in 30 seconds or less, you may miss some important opportunities to impress someone important.


To create an impressive pitch, know the answers to the following questions:


1. What is your goal or objective?


2. What do you offer? Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out from other people in your instry.


3. What do you do? Include information about your goal or objective as it relates to your target audience.


4. What problems do you solve? Every job description stems from a company's problem or specific need. Make sure you know how your contributions will make a difference for the organizations you target.


5. What results do you create? Think about your accomplishments in your current or past positions.


Use this format to plan your reply:


I work with (target audience) to (what problem do you solve). This is how (your results).


I collaborate with non-profit organizations that support women's causes to create, organize, and run fundraising events that raise money from previously untapped donor bases. Last year, we increased donations by more than 50 percent and broke all of our fundraising records.


Keep in mind: One trick to a successful pitch is to eliminate jargon or other language your target audience won't understand. This is especially important for career changers: don't rely on lingo from your previous career to appeal to new networking contacts. Focus your comments to appeal to your new audience and you'll be much more successful impressing them with your knowledge, skills, and abilities.


With a well-planned, succinct, targeted introction, you'll inspire additional conversation with your networking contacts. Prepare to ask for a formal meeting to share ideas and insights, but always be ready to detail your expertise in-depth and on the spot if someone asks. Always be ready to answer questions about how you accomplished your goals and solved problems in the past and to explain how those experiences make you a good fit for your targeted opportunity.

有了一个精心准备、简洁、目标性强的自我介绍,你接下来就能和自己的面试官有着更多的交流机会。你也可以要求一个正式的会议来介绍自己的想法和观察,但也要准备当有人提问时,你能够把自己的专业更细化和深化进行介绍。时刻准备好回答这些问题,如如何才能实现你的目标,过去如何解决问题,以及这些 经验 如何能让你获得机会成为我们提供职位的最佳人选等。


1. 英文简历自我评价翻译范文

2. 自我介绍用英语怎么说

3. 做自我介绍用英语怎么说

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5. 英语简历自我介绍带翻译

6. 自我介绍的英文怎么说

Ⅶ 自我介绍用英语怎么说

问题一:“自我介绍”这个词用英语怎么说 self introction

问题二:求一篇英语自我介绍,带翻译的! To introce myself(介绍我自己)
Hello,every one!(大家好)
My name is **** . (我叫****)
I'm a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改)
I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.(我住在美丽的Rizhao城)(你可以把Rizhao改成自己家乡的城市的名称的拼音)
I'm an active ,lovely and clever boy.(我是一个活跃的可爱的聪明的男孩)
In the school , my favourite subject is maths . (在学校,我最喜欢数学)
Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well .(也许有些人认为这很难学)
But I like it.(但我喜欢他)
I belive that if you try your best, everything can be done well.(我相信每件事付出努力就会有害结果)
I also like sports very much.(我也很喜欢运动)
Such as,running,volleyball and so on. (像跑步、排球等等)
I'm kind-hearted.(我很热心)
If you need help ,please e to me .(如果你需要帮助,就来找我)
I hope we can be good friends!(我希望我们能成为好朋友)
OK.This is me .A sunny boy.(好了,这就是我,一个阳光男孩)(求采纳)

问题三:自我介绍英文怎么说 自我介绍
Self-introction ,Introce myself , Make myself known.其中任何一个都可以。

问题四:李华的自我介绍用英语怎么说 Li Hua‘s self-introction

问题五:请做一下自我介绍 用英语怎么说 英文原文:
please introce yourself
[pli?z] [?ntr??dju?s] [j???self; j??-; j?-]
[pliz] [??ntr??s] [j?r?s?lf]

问题六:我先自我介绍一下,用英语怎么说 Let me introce myself first

Ⅷ “自我介绍”用英语怎么说

“自我介绍”用英语表达是: self-introction

单词: self-introction

音标: 英 ['selfɪntrəd'ʌkʃn] 美 ['selfɪntrəd'ʌkʃn]

释义: 自我介绍

这是一个合成词, 由self 和introction合成, 作为名词使用。

例如: 做一个自我介绍

翻译为: make a self-introction



1、The first question: Please do a self-introction in English.


2、As a freshman, it is my first time to say hello and do some self-introction to everybody here.


3、Thank you for your invitation. Allow me to make a self-introction.


4、Can you give us a little self-introction about yourself as an artist and what kind of music you write?


5、First of all, to be a self-introction it, I was general manager of the company's ideas.


Ⅸ 英文自我介绍该怎么说






ntroce proct商展中介绍产品 ; 商展中先容产品 ; 产品介绍 ; 外墙乳胶漆产品介绍

Introce youself自我介绍 ; 成员自我展示中心

client introce客户介绍

Introce Parameter采用参数将区域变量改成参数方式传递

Introce Refrigerators介绍冰箱


1、Allow me to introce a friend to you.


2、However, in this section, we simply introce the ideas behind it.


3、On his first day as the new-comer,he breezed through the office to introce himself.


4、As you like music, you can introce some famous singers to me.


5、“Introce yourself, ” I say when they forget.


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