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A. 英文自我介绍的最后一句该怎么写

ok that is all,thank you

B. 自我介绍英语作文结尾怎么写

Zhang Hong, female, is a twenty-year-old teacher of a middle school. She was born in July 4, 1980 in Qing, and graated from Qing Teachers’ College in July 1999. She has learned English for eight years. Zhang Hong is good at listening and spoken English. She can get along very well with others. She is 1.72 metres tall. She is interested in singing and dancing, and she wants very much to devote her life to business management.
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C. 英文自我介绍结尾写什么


1、That’s all.Thank you.


2、Thank you for listening!Please remember me!



5、I believe they may be found satisfactory. Concerning my character.


D. 自我介绍英语作文结尾怎么写


1)That's a little about myself.


2)Here are my own introction,I hope i can get alone with everyone


3)This is me, a sunny boy.


4)I will stick to be myself.


5)That‘s something about me ,that's all.


do you want to make friend with me?and,you can know more about me!myself.

6)I hope youlike it. Thank you very much!


7)I hope you will remember me !Thanks for you listenning.


8)After myself introction,I would like to be your friend.


9)Do you want to make friend with me?andyou can know more about me!myself.


E. 英语面试自我介绍应该怎么结尾,用哪几句

Good morning, my name is jack, which is indeed a great honor to have the opportunity to interview, I would like to answer you may increase and I hope I can become a good performance today, the final register for the prestigious The University in September. Now I will briefly introce myself, I am 21 years old, born in Heilongjiang Province, northeast of China, I curruently senior students in Beijing are mainly two uni.my packaging engineering.and I received my bachelor's degree, I graated june.in the past four years, I spent most of my time to learn, I have been through CET4 / 6, so as to
alleviate. I have a basic knowledge of the packaging and publication in the theory and practice. In addition, I also took part in some of the packaging exhibition held in Beijing, which is our advantage here to learn, I have taken to visit a number of large factories and companies. Through these I have a profound understanding of the domestic packaging instry. Compared to developed countries, such as us, unfortunately, although we have made remarkable progress since 1978, China's packaging instry is still underdeveloped, chaos and instability, which the staff in this regard The awkard. But I have full confidence in a brighter future, if only we can maintain the economic growth pace still. I think you might be interested in the reasons for itch in accordance with the law, what is my plan ring graate study life, I have to tell you that my life-long pursuit of legal pursuit of the goal, I think I have a major packaging and I won "t give up If I can continue my master's degree, I will combine law with my ecation predecessor. I will work hard in the thesefields, patents,
trademarks, rights, and on that basis I have many years of research department of p & P, my character ? I can not describe, but I know that I am very optimistic and self-confidence. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I do not lonely, I like to chat with my fellow students, almost all the talking, my favorite Pastime is valleyball, playing cards or surf the Web. University through life, I learned how to balance learning and entertainment. By the way, I am an actor of our amazing drama club. I have a few glorious memory on stage. This is my pride.

Good morning !
It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview,
I hope i can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed. Now i will introce myself briefly
I am 26 years old,born in shandong province .
I was graated from qing university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graation in the year of 2003.
I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major ring my school time.
In July 2003, I began work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.
And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.
I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.
That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.

F. 自我介绍结束语英语求职




Dear all,

My name is [名字]. I just joined this excellent [新公司名称] yesterday, and previously worked at [以前公司的名称] as a [以前所在公司的职位]. Its my pleasure and honour to be a member of [新公司部门名称] and work with a distinguished group of people like you. I will do my best on my work in the future. Please let me know if I can be of help at the mean time.

Nice to meet you all and any suggestion is appreciated.

Warm regards,


Hello, I was in the big city volunteer squadron sixth super 27 squad from Zhongshan University law school, 10 graate students. The first volunteer is in a high, our whole class for the students in Heilongjiang province sports tournament volunteers service, while the service is only a short three days time, but previous preparatory work is spent our entire summer vacation in July, although our chest and no gold badge, but the official media players on our reputation certainly is the greatest encouragement.

Came to the University, I actively participated in some volunteer work, such as the Wuhan University 20_ college enrollment counseling volunteers, volunteer work for 80 hours, won the outstanding volunteer title; legal consultation, martyrs cemetery sweep, teachers condolences to retired cadres and a series of volunteer work as long as my schoolwork and time conflict, I have done well to participate. And in 20_ November held in Hubei city in Wuhan Province, the China eighth festival as a member of the news center of the volunteer team, I experienced the most memorable time.

Volunteer service can be used as the eight Arts Festival volunteer in such a grand national holiday activities That is I give myself a reward 20 year old youth, it is a baptism. In this period people's festival, art festival, I harvest of love for the China excellent culture and art, the harvest of Hubei on Wuhan's pride, the harvest of a solid to the true beauty of friendship also, in the 10 day and night in his enthusiasm for the interpretation of the eight Arts Festival volunteer volunteer service in Hubei, the eight arts, cultural heritage, dedication to the community volunteer service, interpretation of our students' style, hone their will in a tense full volunteer service days, improve their practice ability and comprehensive quality. Our team Finally, in the volunteer commendation meeting won the excellent volunteer service team, I also got a provincial indivial recognition


I'm glad to have such a good chance to be here for your interview..First of all,I'd like to introce myself to you.

My name is DZW I am 23years old. My hometown is YJ,a very beautiful city in the east of HuNan . I will finish my undergraate ecation in Changsha University of Science and Technology this July During the university, my major is financial management

Everyone has a dream,and even when I was young,my dream was to be a people who would be useful to the society in the future I plan to focus my research in accounting study.And I hope I can have a systematic view of it and making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here. I have the confidence because I have such ability! If I could have the chance to study here,I promise that I would never fail your expectation.I will try my best to study and learn as much as I could.

Besides above,I also have many interests in spare time.I like music、chinese chess and all kinds of sports,such as basketball .Because I think it can relax myself and build up my body.

Generally speaking,I am a working-hard student especially do the things which I love.I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is.In my view ,as long as we don”t lose heart and keep on trying, we are sure to go through failure and achieve our aims

That is all ,thank you for your attention.


Dear Mr. / Ms.,

This is to introce Mr. Frank Jones, our new marketing specialist who will be in London fromApril 5 to mid April on business.

We shall appreciate any help you can give Mr. Jones and will always be happy to reciprocate.

Yours faithfully,

Yang Ning


Hello everyone, my name is Lee. This is really a great honor to have this opportunity, and I believe I can make good performance today. Now I will introce myself briefly. I am 20 years old,born in Guangdong province, south of China, and I am a senior student at Guangdong __University. My major is English. And I will receive my bachelor degree after my graation in June. In the past four years, I spent most of my time on study.

I passed CET4 and CET6 with a ease and acquired basic theoretical and practical knowledge of Language. Besides, I have attended several Speech competition held in Beijing, which really showed our professional advantages. I have taken a tour to some big factories and companies, through which I got a deep understanding of English for application. Compared to developed countries, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1998, our packaging instry is still underdeveloped, messy and unstable, and the situation of employees in the field is awkward. But I have full confidence in its bright future if only our economy can be kept at the growth pace still. I guess you may be interested in why I choose this job. I would like to tell you that this job is one of my lifelong goals.

If I can work here,I will work hard. As to my character, I cannot describe it well, but I know I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything. My favorite pastime is to play volleyball, to play cards or to surf online. From life at university, I learn how to balance study and entertainment.

By the way, I was an actor in our amazing drama club. I have a few glorious memories on stage. That is my pride...


G. 英文自我介绍的最后一句该怎么写

自我介绍(给你三种说法 )
2.introce oneself to
3.make oneself known to
1.首先允许内我作一下自我介绍。容To start with, allow me to introce myself

H. 一般英语自我介绍的结尾怎么结


1、I sincerely hope that I can study at this school.


2、That’s all.Thank you.


Thank you for listening!Please remember me!




1、If you would like to know more about my ability, I can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.。


2、If you desire an interview, I shall be most happy to call in person, on any day and at any time you may appoint。


3、Should you entertain my application favorably, I would spare to trouble acquit myself to your satisfaction。


4、If you feel that I am suited for the job that you have in mind, please inform me of the time convenient for an interview. I hope to hear from you in the near future。


5、You will find enclosed a testimonial from the President of the University who has kindly offered to provide you with any further details you may require。


6、I hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you。


7、If there is further information that you wish in the meantime, please let me know. I can always be reached at the address given at the beginning of this letter。


8、I shall be able to call for an interview at your convenience and shall be able to supply any necessary or examples of my previous work。


9、I am happy to refer you upon your request people who can tell you of my work and my character。


10、I believe they may be found satisfactory. Concerning my character.


I. 自我介绍的英语作文结尾怎么写

I'm kind-hearted. If you need help ,please come to me .I hope we can be good friends! OK.This is me .A sunny girl.若想获取更多精彩英语作文结尾范文,点击下方蓝字注册免费外教写作专课一属节,手把手教你写作知识!





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