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A. 英语阅读文章简单



第一篇:A Beautiful Doll漂亮的洋娃娃

Tina is a lovely girl. She has a lot of dolls. One of these dolls is very beautiful. She has long blond hair and wears a white dress. The little girl likes her very much. She called her “Sandy”. You would forget all the sad things and become happy when you see her. Tina tried to teach Sandy to speak, but she failed. When she is free, Tina always made clothed for her. When she is unhappy or met with some difficulties, Tina talked to her, because they are close friends. What a lovely girl she is! Do you like it, too?

缇娜是一个可爱的女孩, 她有许多洋娃娃。其中有个是很没得:她有着金色的长发,穿着一件白色的连衣裙。小女孩非常喜欢它,因此, 小女孩叫她“桑迪”。当你看到它的时候就会高兴,会忘记所有不开心的事。 缇娜试着教桑迪说话,可她失败了。 当缇娜空闲时,她时常会桑迪缝衣服。当她遇到不快乐的事或碰倒困难的时候,缇娜中哦你对它倾述,因为他们是亲密的朋友。多么可爱的一个女孩啊! 你也喜欢它吗?

第二篇: My “Cock” Clock我的“公鸡”闹钟

Hello! My name is Dongdong. Do you know I have a nice clock? It is a beautiful clock. It is in my bedroom. In mfact it is an alarm clock. The big and round body is made of plastics and the clock is set in it. There is a red comb on its head. When you want to adjust time, you just need to press the comb. Then “clock” will wake up on time. At that time the “clock” will say: “WO! WO! WO!” It’s time for you to get up! And its eyes can also give out light at the same time. It is a very beautiful and useful clock, so I like it very much.

你好!我的名字叫东东。我知道我有一台好看的闹钟。它是一台漂亮的钟。钟的上部有红色的.冠子。当你想要调整时间时,按下头上的红冠子就可以调节时间。那时“钟”将按时醒来。到时候“公鸡”就会“喔、喔、喔”地叫,该起床了。而且叫是眼睛还会发光。 它是一只好看又有用的钟,我很喜欢它。


Early autumn in the pumpkin garden, there came seven wide mice escaping from a big and terrifying cat. They rushed into green vines and leaves aplenty with big and round pumpkins.


The prideful cat hunted around like a chicken with its head cut off in vain and finally left in dismay.


“Hooray, we are safe now!”


When they came out, they were deeply attracted. The giant pumpkin leaves were as huge as the lotus leaves while the pumpkins were orange through a summer’s sunlight.


The smallest mouse’s nose jutted out and got very close to a pumpkin. He smelled with a smile:


“Great, it’s sweat! It must be the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. I am hungry now. I guess it must be better in my belly!”


Other six mice were hungry to

“Running costs energy!”



They rushed to the pumpkin and bit holes with their shape teeth. They ate, ate and ate not only the delicious meat but also the seed. Finally they stopped eating and felt good for their full and round bellies.


Then they burped and climbed out of the pumpkin. When they saw their great work, they all laughed:


“Aha, look, the pumpkin has holes here and there!”


The smallest mouse suddenly had a good idea and shouted:

“Why not roll it as a pumpkin cart. It must be very interesting!”



Other six mice all agreed:

“Just do it!”



Then they all entered the pumpkin shell and pushed it ahead forcefully:

“Goodness me!The moon is really in the water!”


B. 简单英语阅读短文带翻译

英语短文阅读简单,适合英语初学者练习阅读能力,下面我为大家带来简单 英语阅读 短文翻译,欢迎大家阅读!

The expensive shops in a famous arcade near Piccadilly were just opening. At this time of the morning, the arcade was almost empty. Mr Taylor, the owner of a jewellery shop was admiring a new window display. Two of his assistants had been working busily since 8 o'clock and had only just finished. Diamond necklaces and rings had been beautifully arranged on a background of black velvet. After gazing at the display for several minutes, Mr Taylor went back into his shop.

The silence was suddenly broken when a large car, with its headlights on and its horn blaring, roared down the arcade. It came to a stop outside the jeweler's. One man stayed at the wheel while two others with black stockings over their faces jumped out and smashed the window of the shop with iron bars. While this was going on, Mr Taylor was upstairs. He and his staff began throwing furniture out of the window. Chairs and tables went flying into the arcade. One of the thieves was struck by a heavy statue, but he was too busy helping himself to diamonds to notice any pain. The raid was all over in three minutes, for the men scrambled back into the car and it moved off at a fantastic speed. Just as it was leaving, Mr Taylor rushed out and ran after it throwing ashtrays and vases, but it was impossible to stop the thieves. They had got away with thousands of pounds worth of diamonds.


Editors of newspapers and magazines often go to extremes to provide their readers with unimportant facts and statistics. Last year a journalist had been instructed by a well-known magazine to write an article on the president's palace in a new African republic. When the article arrived, the editor read the first sentence and then refused to publish it. The article began: 'Hundreds of steps lead to the high wall which surrounds the president's palace.' The editor at once

sent the journalist a fax instructing him to find out the exact number of steps and the height of the wall.

The journalist immediately set out to obtain these important facts, but he took a long time to send them. Meanwhile, the editor was getting impatient, for the magazine would soon go to press. He sent the journalist two urgent telegrams, but received no reply. He sent yet another telegram informing the journalist that if he did not reply soon he would be fired. When the journalist again failed to reply, the editor reluctantly published the article as it had originally been written. A week later, the editor at last received a telegram from the journalist. Not only had the poor man been arrested, but he had been sent to prison as well. However, he had at last been allowed to send a cable in which he informed the editor that he had been arrested while counting the 1084 steps leading to the 15-foot wall which surrounded the president's palace.

报刊杂志的编辑常常为了向读者提供成立一些关紧要的事实和统计数字而走向极端。去年,一位记者受一家有名的杂志的委托写一篇关于非洲某个新成立共和国总统府的 文章 。稿子寄来后,编辑看第一句话就拒绝予以发表。文章的开头是这样的:"几百级台阶通向环绕总统的高墙。"编辑立即给那位记者发去传真,要求他核实一下台阶的确切数字和围墙的高度。

These days, people who do manual work often receive far more money than clerks who work in offices. People who work in offices are frequently referred to as' white collar workers' for the simple reason that they usually wear a collar and tie to go to work. Such is human nature, that a great many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white collar workers. This can give rise to curious situations, as it did in the case of Alfred Bloggs who worked as a stman for the Ellesmere Corporation.

When he got married, Alf was too embarrassed to say anything to his wife about his job. He simply told her that he worked for the Corporation. Every morning, he left home dressed in a smart black suit. He then changed into overalls (n.工作服) and spent the next eight hours as a stman. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit. Alf did this for over two years and his fellow stmen kept his secret. Alf's wife has never discovered that she married a stman and she never will, for Alf has just found another job. He will soon be working in an office as a junior clerk. He will be earning only half as much as he used to, but he feels that his rise in status is well worth the loss of money. From now on, he will wear a suit all day and others will call him 'Mr. Bloggs', not 'Alf'.


C. 必读的简单英文美文3篇

英美 文化 的背景知识是 英语学习 不可缺少的一环,人们谈起学英语必然要提及打好英语基础,而打好基础则离不开语音、语法、词汇,和训练提高听说读写译的能力,同时也离不开对英语美文的学习和积累。下面是我带来的必读的简单英文美文,欢迎阅读!


"It's never too late to have a happy childhood," some bumper-sticker author said. I think it is never too late to need Dad.

When we're little, Daddy is in charge of the world, as we know it. Yes, I know we have a President, some countries have kings or prime ministers, and there's always God, but they are really not in charge of the world.

Dad knows everything, he can do anything, he is always right, he can always fix things. He's almost like God.

"Hey, Daddy! Where is Helsinki?" My father always replied, "If you put things away where they belong, you would know where they are." "Hey, Daddy! I really need to know about Helsinki." "OK; let's get the encyclopedia."

"Hey, Dad! Can I use the car for a date tonight?" "Yeah. Be home before midnight." Arriving home at 2:30 a.m., Dad was up waiting. We don't understand about love and anger when we're kids. Dads yell and shout, and we don't realize it is because they care; we think it is because they have to be tough. Not this time. He said, "Thank God you're safe. Go to bed; we'll talk about this in the morning."

"Hey, Dad! I got into trouble at school today. I didn't really do anything wrong. That stupid teacher won't listen to me." "I'll listen. What happened?....Is that really what happened?" Next day, Dad is at my school, talking with my teacher, fixing the misunderstanding. He has such power! I can always count on Dad.

When Daddy starts to get old (about the same time as I am 13 years old), he gets really stupid, but he is still in charge of the world. "Hey, Daddy! What's this with boys? Do you know why they are so weird? Were you like this when you were a boy?" Dad pontificates for awhile on the nature of the teen-age human animal and I sort of get the hint that even though he is old (35), he knows about both boys and girls. Some dads even know about such matters as safe sex and child support.

Regardless of what they know (or don't know), they mostly care, and can be counted on to be on your side. When you're a kid, Dads are good for playing basketball in the driveway;Daddies are good audiences for dance recitals.

If we get our foot caught in a bear trap, Dad will free the foot, bind it, and take us to the doctor. Dad doesn't panic; he, being Dad, just automatically knows what to do, and does it.He buries our non-human family members; he fixes the things we break. The small things Dad does for us make us feel valuable and important.

Daddy lectures and pontificates; he is the ultimate authority on everything. He is so totally boring - I hope he doesn't act like such a jerk in front of my friends. If he talks too much, they also will know how stupid he is. Of course, even though he is (ring some periods of my life) an utterly stupid nerd, he is not fair game for criticism from others. He is still the best dad there is...

"Hey, Dad! How are you going to vote?" "Not me. I think he's a crook." So argument ensues...Dad is still stupid, but getting a little smarter, and we can listen to him without acknowledging his wisdom.

"Hey, Daddy! Wanna hold the baby for awhile?" Daddy assures his "princess" that her baby is truly a marvel, and "Princess" feels warm and reassured.

"Hey,Dad!Do you have fifty bucks I could borrow?"He does.Even if he doesn't,he will find it or go without something so he will have it.Then he feels embarrassed when we pay him back,and he says,"Naw;you don't have to pay it,"but we do because it is important to do the right thing. Dad taught us that.

Whether Dad is a brain surgeon or a gandy dancer, Dad is always there for us. The back-up unit in case of temporary failure. Even when Dad is 80 and maybe forgets sometimes or maybe has little "accidents," he is still in charge of my world. Even when Daddy needs for us to take care of him, he is still Daddy who knows all and who can do everything.

Whether Dad is a rocket scientist or a janitor, he sweat bullets to take care of us, to teach us what is right, and to make sure we had some fun. Dad taught us the true meaning of respect and how to earn it. No matter what career choice we make, Dad will be proud of us. He will do his best to make sure we have the ecation and/or training we need in order to be able to take care of ourselves and our burgeoning families.

Eventually, Dad goes on, as all living creatures do. It is a loss that is unutterably cruel. It is frightening to envision life without Dad. Even Dads need Dads. The fact that one is 50 or so years old does nothing to diminish the need for Dad.

We can recall sitting in the bleachers at the ball game with Dad - a bonding thing that gruffly says "I love you." Upon achieving majority, we could even have a beer with Dad. We can recall being walloped by Dad and know that it was an act of love. We cherish the time spent with Dad while he taught us the necessary maintenance tasks associated with car ownership. We still capture the feeling that came over us when we saw Dad's face out there in the audience, and he was proud, and he and Mom knew they had created something very special when they made us.

Dad presides over all festive events. "How is today different from other days?" Of course he knows, and knows how to explain; it is he who takes charge and knows how to do everything;he is the leader, and he is in charge of our world. The Captain of the ocean sea.

Father's Day is kind of an embarrassment to Dad - he is accustomed to being the provider;not the recipient. We honor Dad for being in charge of the world, but Dad somehow is a bit diffident about being the honoree on Father's Day.

Dads don't really leave us when they go.Their spirits inhabit our psyche, and stay with us always.Fortunately,the parting is usually graal, and sometimes, as when they need our care,we have an opportunity to show our gratitude and our love directly to him.Being aware that it will happen"some day"does not really anesthetize us against the actuality of the event.Emotions cannot be intellectualized, and pain is pain. It is okay to feel pain - to hurt. It is okay to heal, which we always do. It is also okay to become the Dad who knows everything, can do everything, and who is in charge of the world.
Being in Love

Love starts as an attraction to another. Love grows with mutual respect. Love thrives on confidence and dignity. Love survives on wisdom and honor.


New love, stirs the emotions, moves the soul and fires the blood setting hearts aflame. Love of a mate provides us with another soul to feel kinship, with someone to share life with,someone to be loved, in spite of shortcomings and human frailties. someone with which we can share meaningful conversation, and plans for the future. Someone to recall the past with,to dream with. Someone with whom silence is comfortable. Another soul on the earth who is in tune with yours. someone who cares deeply about your well being and who in turn is cared for by you... just as deeply.

新欢,挑动激情,感动灵魂,升腾热血点燃心灵.对配偶的爱让我们拥有恶劣另一个可以感受亲情的灵魂;可以共渡今生;可以去爱而不去计较缺点和不足;可以一同分享有意义的谈话, 一同勾画明天,一同回忆过去, 一同梦想未来.同爱人在一起,就是沉默也令人惬意.爱也让我们拥有了另一个在世间与你合拍的灵魂.她深深牵挂着你的健康,而你也为此牵挂着她...都是同样的深.

someone whose happiness means as much, if not more than your own. someone to place your trust in without fear of betrayal. not having to worry when you are apart, because you are secure in the knowledge that they will honor the love you share. Someone to hopefully grow old beside, to share the winter of life with, while recalling the summer of your dreams.


Lover is someone who, with a look, can touch your heart, ease your mind and bring comfort to your soul. Someone whose voice is music to your ear. Someone who by just entering a room makes your heart soar and joy fill your being, makes you want to touch them, be close to them. Who cant run your blood to molten fire with desire, their presence being food for your soul. Someone for whom your love grows stronger not weaker with the passing years.someone who is willing to talk out problems and share concerns, not look for an easy way out if all does not go just as expected. Someone to share all things with: tenderness,passion, warmth, dreams and desire, laughter and tears but mostly life's journey. A casually dropped piece of clothing can bring your love to mind as the scent of them clings, and turns your thoughts to love, as pleasant memories collect to be reviewed at leisure.


Love of a partner requires long-term commitment and wisdom and above all, work from both partners to nourish and nurture that love into a living growing thing. Without nourishment, all things die, even love.


Do not easily discard love, for the day may come when love, in turn, discards you. Place a high value in this the most precious of life's joys. Some never find this treasure, many find and lose it through no fault of their own. Some discard it lightly as if it were of little value and easily replaced. The ability to love and be loved is the mosrt precious of girfts given to man, and as such should be hightly treasured.

The Difference Between Love and Like


——Anna Site Herdiyanti


In front of the person you love, your heart beats faster,


But in front of the person you like, you get happy.


In front of the person you love, winter seems like spring,


But in front of the person you like, winter is just beautiful winter.


If you look into the eyes of the one you love, you blush,


But if you look into the eyes of the one you like, you smile.


In front of the person you love, you can’t say everything on your mind,


But in front of the person you like, you can.


In front of the person you love, you tend to get shy,


But in front of the person you like, you can show your own self.


The person you love comes into your mind every 2 minutes,


You can’t look straight into the eyes of the one you love,


But you can always smile into the eyes of the one you like.


When the one you love is crying, you cry with them,


But when the one you like is crying, you end up comforting.


The feeling of love starts from the eye.


And the feeling of like starts from the ear.


So if you stop liking a person you used to like,


All you need to do is cover your ears.


But if you try to close your eyes,


Love turns into a teardrop and remains in your heart forever after.


D. 简单英语小短文阅读十篇

【 #能力训练# 导语】阅读是人们获取信息的重要手段,更是学习英语的主要途径之一。下面是 分享的简单英语小短文阅读十篇。欢迎阅读参考!

1.简单英语小短文阅读 篇一

Sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. So I pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis. Table tennis is my favorite game. I play it almost every day.

Table-tennis is an ideal game for us because it brings the whole body into action. It strengthens our muscles, expands our lungs, promotes the circulation of the blood, and causes a healthy action of the skin. Besides, it is very amusing and does not cost us much money. Table-tennis is very moderate; it is not so rough as football. It is an indoor game and can be played even on rainy days. Thus, it is my favorite kind of exercise.



2.简单英语小短文阅读 篇二

One morning a fox sees a cock.He think,"This is my breakfast.

He comes up to the cock and says,"I know you can sing very well.Can you sing for me?The cock is glad.He closes his eyes and begins to sing.The fox sees that and catches him in his mouth and carries him away.

The people in the field see the fox.They cry,"Look,look!The fox is carrying the cock away.

The cock says to the fox,"Mr Fox,do you understand?The people say you are carrying their cock away.Tell them it is yours.Not theirs.

The fox opens his mouth and says,"The cock is mine,not yours.Just then the cock runs away from the fox and flies into the tree.





3.简单英语小短文阅读 篇三

In a calm sea every man is a pilot.


But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all.Take the lot of the happiest - it is a tangled yarn.Bereavements and blessings,one following another, make us sad and blessed by turns. Even death itself makes life more loving. Men come closest to their true selves in the sober moments of life, under the shadows of sorrow and loss.


In the affairs of life or of business, it is not intellect that tells so much as character, not brains so much as heart, not genius so much as self-control, patience, and discipline, regulated by judgment.


I have always believed that the man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without. In an age of extravagance and waste, I wish I could show to the world how few the real wants of humanity are.


To regret one's errors to the point of not repeating them is true repentance.There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.


4.简单英语小短文阅读 篇四

There are many students in middle school wear the glasses, and many of them were wearing the glasses since little. We have to protect our eyes, prevent them from the short-sightedness. We should keep a good sitting posture, never read the books too closely. We’d better have a short break every hour of reading, close eyes or look at the distance. We should do the eye exercises every day. In the evening, we also shouldn’t read while we are lying. And more important, we shouldn’t spend hour and hour starring at our cellphone. We all should protect our eyes.


5.简单英语小短文阅读 篇五

Jack is a little goose. He has a lovely hat. He likes wearing it very much. But when he sits, his hat can’t stay on his head.


He puts his hat down and begins to play game with the hat. When he gets tired of the game, things are not the same.


He can’t find his hat. Where is it? Jack thinks hard. He looks up and down, and walks here and there. He can’t find his hat yet.


At this time, his mother comes in. As soon as she sees Jack, she cries, “Oh, my dear! Don’t be foolish. Your hat is on your head.”


Jack feels very foolish. He doesn’t want to wear his hat on his head.


6.简单英语小短文阅读 篇六

A self-important lion in the jungle tried to make his mastery clear to all.

He was so confident that he paid no attention to the smaller animals and went right up to a bear. He asked the bear, "Who is the king of the jungle?" The bear replied, "Of course you are."

Then the lion asked a tiger the same question. The tiger replied with some reluctance1, "Of course you are." And then he went to ask an elephant. But the elephant would not allow the lion to do so. He suddenly took hold of the lion with his long nose and bounced2 the lion against a tree, leaving him bleeding3 and badly shaken up.

When the lion finally got up, he blamed the elephant and said: "Even if you couldn't answer my question, it's not necessary for you to act so rough4."


它非常自信,对较小的动物不屑一顾,而是直接去问一只黑熊:“谁是丛林里的大王呀?” 黑熊回答说:“当然是你呀。”



7.简单英语小短文阅读 篇七

It’s very hot.. An old man is asleep on the chair.

A fly comes and sits on the end of the man’s nose.

The old man has a naughty monkey.

He chases the fly. The fly comes back again and sits on the old man’s nose again.

The monkey chases it away again and again. This happens five or six times. The monkey is very angry.

He jumps up, runs to the garden and picks up a large stone.

When the fly sits on the old man’s nose again, the monkey hits it hard with the stone. He kills the fly and breaks the old man’s nose.




猴子在追打苍蝇。 苍蝇再次飞落在老人的鼻子上,猴子一再追打苍蝇。 这样往返了五六次,猴子很生气。


当苍蝇再次落在老人的鼻子上时,猴子用石头击中老人的鼻子上的苍蝇。 他砸死了苍蝇也打破了老人的鼻子。

8.简单英语小短文阅读 篇八

instry (diligence)

it is a matter of course that instry will bring us success, wealth and good luck. i am sure that a hard-working person can always succeed in the work which he wants to do. this is unchangeable truth. idleness is the opposite of instry. it is the source of all evil. an idle man only enjoys playing and making pleasures. that he is doomed to failure is of no doubt. we should not follow his example.

勤勉会带给我们成功,财富和好运乃是当然之事。我确信一个苦干的人终是能够做成功他所要做的工作。这是不易之定理。 懒惰是勤勉的反面。它是万恶之源泉。一个懒惰的人只享受玩耍和寻乐。他命运注定失败是毫无疑问的。我们不应学他的榜样。

9.简单英语小短文阅读 篇九

A boy found an eagle's egg and he put it in the nest of a prairie chicken. The eagle hatched and thought he was a chicken. He grew up doing what prairie chicken do-scratching at the dirt for food and flying short distances with a noisy fluttering of wings. It was a dreary life. Graally the eagle grew older and bitter. One day he and his prairie chicken friend saw a beautiful bird soaring on the currents of air, high above the mountains. "Oh, I wish I could fly like that!" said the eagle. The chicken replied, "Don't give it another thought. That's the mighty eagle, the king of all birds-you could never be like him!" And the eagle didn't give it another thought. He went on cackling and complaining about life. He died thinking he was a prairie chicken. My friends, you too were born an eagle. The Creator intended you to be an eagle, so don’t listen to the prairie chickens!

一位小男孩发现了一只老鹰下的蛋,把它放进了一只山鸡的窝里。鹰被孵出来了,但他以为自己是一只山鸡。渐渐的他长大了,却做着山鸡所做的事---从泥土里寻找食物,做短距离的飞翔,翅膀还啪啪作响。生活非常沉闷,渐渐地鹰长大了,也越来越苦恼。有一天,他和他的山鸡朋友看见一只美丽的鸟在天空翱翔,飞的比山还高。 “哦,我要能飞的那么高该多好啊!”鹰说。山鸡回答说,“不要想了,那是凶猛无比的鹰,鸟中---你不可能像他一样!”于是鹰放弃了那个念头。他继续咯咯地叫,不停的抱怨生活。最后他死了,依然认为自己是一只山鸡。朋友们,你们天生就是雄鹰。造物主有意把你造就成一只雄鹰,所以不要听信山鸡的话!

10.简单英语小短文阅读 篇十

A Woodman came into a forest to ask the Trees to give him a handle for Ax. It seemed so modest a request that the principal tree at once agreed to it, and it was settled among them that the plain, homely Ash should furnish what was wanted.

No sooner had the Woodman fitted the staff to his purpose ,then he began laying about him on all side.Felling the whole matter too late, whispered to the Cedar: "the first concession has lost all ;if we has not a sacrificed our humble neighbor, we might have yet stood for ages ourselves."



E. 小学生英语阅读文章3篇

【 #小州凳学英语# 导语】阅读是一种主动的过程,是由阅读者根据不同的目的加以调节控制的,陶冶人们的情操,提升自我修养。阅读是一种理解、领悟、吸收、鉴赏、评价和探究文章的思维过程。阅读可以改变思想、获取知识,从而可能改变命运。以下是 整理的《小学生英语阅读文章3篇》相关资料,希望帮助到您。


There are eight “working dogs” in Eight Below. The dogs live in Antarctica, “the bottom of the world,” as Jerry Shepard puts it. Shepard serves as a guide at the US National Science Research Base. He works with the dogs, feeds them, plays with them and talks to them.

Also on site is map-maker Charlie, and pilot Katie. Then scientist Davis McClaren arrives, weighed down with equipment. McClaren wants to find a piece of a meteorite (陨石) from Mars that crashed to Earth. He will do anything and sacrifice anyone to accomplish his mission.

“You’ve got to take chances for the things you care about,” Davis declares.

The opening section of Eight Below, centers on Jerry, Davis and the dogs’ journey across Antarctica in search of the meteorite.

Then a storm blows in and things go wrong. Jerry and the other humans must leave immediately, leaving behind Jerry’s beloved dogs. Chained up, the eight dogs can do nothing but wait for their master to return. How will the dogs survive on their own? The dogs show incredible sympathy and empathy for one another. They have the ability to communicate with each other and lay elaborate plans to hunt down a flock of birds.

In the end, held together only by unwavering bonds of friendship, the humans and the dogs alike make a remarkable journey of courage, enrance and belief to find one another in this spectacular but dangerous land.


You might(可能)go to the hospital if you’re ill. You may think it is a little scary(害怕的)to go to a hospital. But doctors and nurses in the hospital can help you feel better.

What happens(发生)inside a hospital? What do the doctors do in differentdepartments(科室)? How do the doctors treat(治疗)patients? Kids learn more about hospitals and doctors at the Teddy Bear hospital.

There is a Teddy Bear hospital in Berlin, Germany(德国柏林). Kids can be doctors here. Their teddy bears are their patients.

Real(真正的)doctors teach the kids a lot. The doctors help the kids to examine(检查)patients and give them shots(打针). They learn to take care of patients.

Otto is one of these kids. He lives in Berlin. He studies very hard. He is looking at an X-ray photo(X光照片)of his teddy bear.


There are forty-two students in our class. There are also two American boys. They are Jack and Mike. They are our good friends. They like watching TV, but they don't like playing basket-ball .They often go to school by bike. And I often go to school on foot. There is one English girl in our class. Her name is Lucy. She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming. She usually does her homework in the evening. She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons. She is my good friend. All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneer.
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